Vinyl Link Mat

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  • Superb shoe cleaning properties that reduce building maintenance. 
  • High grade PVC links are 1/2" wide x 7/16" thick x 1 7/8" long.
  • Mat first removes dirt, then contains it deep within corrugations.
  • Note: Not recommended where heavy equipment will be rolled over mats.
  • Available with bevel edging for surface mounting or square edging for recessed applications.
  • Custom logos can be incorporated into the mat.
Ordering Info

LINK SIZE: High grade PVC links 1/2" wide x 7/16" thick x 1 7/8" long.

NOSING: Approximately 2" wide around perimeter. Approach nosing reinforced spring steel bar 1/8" thick. Can be square for recess or safety beveled for surface installation.


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