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Since 1964, Mats Inc. has been a leading supplier of commercial, industrial, and residential floor matting. We have a solution for all of your matting needs.

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Logo & Personalized Mats Many customers take the appearance and tidiness of shared spaces into account when planning a purchase.... View Details
Gym, Weight Room Mats While workout and exercise trends come and go, rubber flooring remains the most popular choice for gym.... View Details
Entrance Mats & Runners Entrance mats are an important investment for businesses and industrial facilities, providing safety, .... View Details
Waterhog Mats WaterHog, introduced commercially in 1986, quickly became America’s favorite mat. It offers industr.... View Details
Horse Stall Mats Animal care is highly valued by us and is shown in our products. That is why we offer several types of.... View Details
Pool / Wet Area Mats Mats Inc., is the leading providing of swimming pool, shower, and locker room matting solutions. Our i.... View Details
Anti-Fatigue Mats & Runners Many workers stand on hard surfaces for prolonged periods of time during the workday. This is the most.... View Details
Carpet & Carpet Tile Mats Inc in addition to classic roll carpet, we also carry a wide array of carpet tile all in a variet.... View Details
Cocoa Matting At Mats Inc., you'll find a large selection of recessed cocoa mats for your commercial or industrial f.... View Details
Temporary Road Mats Discover durable composite mats for temporary roads—efficient, eco-friendly solutions for constructi.... View Details
Anti-Slip Mats, Tapes & Coatings Slips and falls are the leading cause of workplace injuries. Anti-slip mats, tapes and coatings provid.... View Details
Anti-Static Floor Mats Mats, Inc. provides mats made of conductive fibers to drain static electricity away creating safe work.... View Details
Anti-Vibration Pads & Acoustical Matting These anti-vibration mats from Mats Inc. are the solution to all your industrial and commercial floori.... View Details
Conductive Matting Conductive floor mats protect your workers in hazardous areas where static build-up or electroshock ca.... View Details
Desk Chair Mats Protect your flooring and your employees with office chair mats from Mats Inc. Crafted from premium ma.... View Details
Electrical / Switchboard Matting Switchboard matting is essential in commercial and industrial environments. Switchboard mats provide a.... View Details
Flexible Steel & Drag Mats For high-quality steel grate mats, shop at Mats Inc. Our mats are perfect for a wide range of commerci.... View Details
Green & Eco-Friendly Mats As consumers become more concerned about the ecological impact of the products and services they use, .... View Details
Pharmacy, Lab, & Clean Room Mats Mats, Inc. supplies adhesive mats which trap contaminants before they can pollute a sterile environmen.... View Details
Recessed Grates, Mats, & Carpet Tiles Mats Inc. supplies recessed grates, foyer mats, and carpet tiles that effectively remove dirt, mud, wa.... View Details
Rubber Runners Invest in the protection and safety of your floors with top-quality rubber runner mats. Rubber runners.... View Details
Sheet Rubber Because of its inherent advantages, rubber is a flexible, versatile solution to a broad number of appl.... View Details
Stair Treads, Risers, Landing Tiles & Adhesives Discover our premium stair treads for safety and style. Durable, slip-resistant, and available in vari.... View Details
Vinyl Runners Although original floors can be beautiful, they can suffer premature degradation from wear and tear. S.... View Details
Absorbent Floor Mats Mats Inc. provides an array of commercial and industrial absorbent floor mats. Our water-absorbent mat.... View Details

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Welcome to Mats Inc. Here, we understand the importance of having a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for both employees and customers. That's why we’re committed to providing only the highest-quality floor mats to enhance the performance, safety, and overall appearance of your industrial or commercial space. Since 1964, we have been the leading supplier of industrial floor mats and commercial floor mats, including switchboard (dielectric) mats, rubber runners, stair treads, personalized logo mats, and more! We have built our reputation on quality, dependability, and good customer relations. Our extensive line of industrial and commercial floor mats contains the most innovative products in the industry. We continuously modify our techniques to insure that we provide you, the customer, with the most reliable products at competitive prices. Mats Inc. is committed to helping you find a solution to your matting problems. We look forward to doing business with you and pledge to do our best to meet your expectations today and for years to come. Read More

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