Strip Doors

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  • Strip doors provide see through barriers that allow quick and easy passage of personnel, products, and equipment.
  • They can be manufactured to accommodate any size door opening.
  • Strip doors are effective in conserving energy and provide a barrier for dust control.
  • Various widths, styles and colors are available.
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STANDARD - The least expensive and most commonly used for normal interior and exterior applications
USDA - Strips meet federal requirements for occasional contact with dairy, poultry and meat production.
SAFETY ORANGE - Bright neon orange strips on each end of door draw attention to the actual door area.
AZTEC ORANGE -Best for welding screen applications or partial sight barrier.

  8" WIDE X .080" THICK X 300 LF/ROLL
12" WIDE X .120" THICK X 150 LF/ROLL
16" WIDE X .160" THICK X 100 LF/ROLL

WALL MOUNT - Recommended wherever possible. They require 6" of overall wall space above and to the sides of the door opening.
HEADER MOUNT - Recommended where a permanent door or other obstacle prohibits the use of a wall mount.

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