Super Berber Matting

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Super Berber matting offers resilience that’s designed to endure the rigors of the most demanding environments. Its densely tufted, high-performance yarn system can catch and hold dirt and moisture, keeping entrance areas pristine. The heavy-duty rubber backing ensures the mat stays firmly in place, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, Super Berber matting is not only functional but also customizable; it comes in a range of colors to match any corporate palette, and we can emblazon it with your logo using precise inlay techniques. Super Berber logo mats combine practicality and aesthetic flexibility, making them an unrivaled choice for organizations that prioritize both appearance and durability. Some of the main characteristics include the following:

  • Like all of our polypropylene matting, Super Berber matting is long wearing and UV stable.
  • It can be used indoor or out. Super Berber can be vacuumed, steam cleaned or hosed off.
  • It can be cut at any angle without danger of the edge unraveling.
  • Available with a smooth backing for recessed application or knob back for free lay application.
  • Custom sizes are available with a high profile vinyl edging applied to all sides.
  • Inlaid logos available.
  • Passes smoke density test ASTM E662.
  • Passes surface flammabilty test FF 1-70 / ASTM D2859.

By choosing Super Berber entrance mats from us, you're investing in a long-lasting impression, dedicated support, and customization that captures your unique brand identity. Trust us to deliver superior quality and service.

Contact us to learn more about Super Berber mats and let us help you enhance your business with customizable and functional mats.

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Size Qty 1. Price
2' x 3' $82.00
3' x 4' $143.00
3' x 5' $160.00
3' x 6' $168.00
3' x 8' $305.00
3' x 10' $337.00
4' x 6' $209.00
4' x 8' $359.00
4' x 10' $384.00
6' x 6' $313.00
6' x 8' $394.00
6' x 10' $493.00
6' x 12' $591.00
8' x 8' $732.00
8' x 10' $863.00
8' x 12' $979.00
10' x 10' $929.00
10' x 12' $1,114.00
12' x 12' $1,337.00
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