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Custom Logo Mats & Customized Entrance Mats

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Custom Logo Mats & Customized Entrance Mats

Custom Logo Mats & Customized Entrance Mats

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  1. Super Scrape Impression Logo Mats
    Super Scrape Rubber Logo Mats

    Super Scrape rubber logo mats, built for the challenges of busy doorways, combine rugged utility with brand reinforcement. These custom logo rubber mats are your frontline defense against the toughest dirt and debris while also displaying your corporate image. The all-rubber logo mat construction ensures exceptional durability and easy maintenance. Here are just some of their main characteristics:

    • Super Scrape Rubber Logo Mats offer a superior printing surface for your company logo or Promotional message
    • Multi-color images are created by molding a digitally printed polymeric material into durable Nitrile rubber
    • These long-lasting logo mats perform beautifully in all types of environments
    • The high-traction surface effectively removes and traps tough dirt, grime and water from shoes
    • Photo-realistic images, print ready artwork, tones and shades are all produced with unparalleled detail and clarity. 150 standard color options available.  
    • PMS color matching available with an upcharge.
    • 3/16” thickness. 
    • Resistant to oils and chemicals.
    • Upload your artwork for free proof.

    Opt for our Super Scraper rubber logo mats to receive more than just a mat; you’ll receive an experience and a partnership that prioritizes longevity and customized brand representation. Trust in our expertise to provide a product that stands the test of time while upholding your company's professional aesthetic. Contact us today to learn more about our catalog of products and let us help you improve your business.

  2. Berber Logo Mats
    Berber Logo Mats

    Berber entrance mats are more than mere floor coverings; they reflect your business’s prestige and professionalism. These mats effortlessly capture dirt and water, ensuring a pristine entrance area. Personalizing your mats will create a stronger brand identity, and by sourcing them from us, you benefit from uncompromised quality, versatility in design, and assured durability. A Berber logo mat will ensure your clients know exactly where they stand and the quality offerings they will receive from you. Some of its main characteristics include the following:

    • This material is ideal for any type of entrance application both indoors and outdoors.
    • Berber is impervious to ultra-violet light and can be cut into any size or shape without danger of the edges unraveling.
    • Berber is extremely durable and able to withstand the highest of foot traffic areas and will last years before wearing out.
    • Can be made for a recessed logo mat install, made into custom shapes and sizes, or with beveled reducer edging applied to all sides.
    • Ideal for Corporate logo mats or custom logo mat designs.
    • Either upload or email us your artwork at and we will create your free Design Proof so you can see the finished product before we put into production.

    Our commitment is to provide not just Berber logo mats but also a service that elevates your business environment and echoes your brand's excellence in every detail. Contact us for a flawless fusion of functionality and elegance in every meticulously crafted Berber entrance mat.

  3. Vinyl Link Mat
    Vinyl Link Mat

    Vinyl link mats are a distinct choice for areas that demand both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Experience the perfect blend of durability and style with our vinyl link entrance mats. These robust mats will withstand high-traffic conditions while maintaining a sophisticated look. The crisscross pattern of our vinyl link logo mats not only captures debris efficiently but also showcases your brand with a touch of elegance. Their main characteristics include the following:

    • Superb shoe cleaning properties that reduce building maintenance. 
    • High grade PVC links are 1/2" wide x 7/16" thick x 1 7/8" long.
    • Mat first removes dirt, then contains it deep within corrugations.
    • Note: Not recommended where heavy equipment will be rolled over mats.
    • Available with bevel edging for surface mounting or square edging for recessed applications.
    • Custom logos can be incorporated into the mat.

    When you choose our Vinyl link mats, you're selecting a product that offers resilience and class. Let us provide you with not just a mat but also a lasting first impression that echoes the excellence of your brand. Contact us today and explore the endless possibilities of personalization and functionality to enhance your business.

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