When Is It Important To Use a Drainage Mat?

When Is It Important To Use a Drainage Mat?


Drainage mats are useful in facilities worldwide. You have likely seen them in a restaurant or other establishment, but you may wonder about their purpose. We will examine a few situations when it is important to use a drainage mat.

When Preventing Falls

Slips and falls pose a major risk of injury to employees and customers in your establishment. As their name implies, drainage mats catch spilled liquids in crevices or craters, separating the liquids from the standing surface and preventing people from slipping and falling. Drainage mats are especially important in areas with high-spill potential and high traffic, such as commercial kitchens or industrial workspaces.

When Employees Stand for Extended Periods

In addition to preventing injuries from slips and falls, anti-fatigue drainage mats protect workers from back, hip, and foot pain and soreness caused by standing for prolonged periods. These mats improve circulation and posture, reducing strains and discomfort. When employees must stand still for long periods, such as when working at a cash register or in manufacturing facilities, employers should utilize anti-fatigue mats to reduce the risk of worker injury.

When You Need To Maintain a Hygienic Environment

Cleanliness is vital in laboratory and food service settings. Many drainage mats are antimicrobial, prohibiting bacteria from growing on them. Even non-antimicrobial drainage mats will positively contribute to a clean work environment since they contain spills and facilitate cleanup. These mats make it simple for your staff to maintain a hygienic environment.

Industrial facilities, restaurants, hospitals, and countless other environments see many situations when it is important to use a drainage mat every single day. Mats Inc.’s chemical-resistant anti-fatigue mats help business owners and managers create safe, productive work environments by preventing falls, improving hygiene, and reducing worker fatigue. Explore our options to find the right mats for your needs.

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