The Role of Absorbent Floor Mats in Workplace Safety

The Role of Absorbent Floor Mats in Workplace Safety

Every business owner should make the working environment as work-friendly as possible. One way to do that is to provide floor mats for those on their feet throughout the day. The role of absorbent floor mats in workplace safety proves how they keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Limits Potential Falls

Concrete and hardwood floors can be hotbeds for an unfortunate slip and subsequent fall, especially in working conditions prone to wet conditions. Someone can lose traction easily if the work environment is a wet one or if people are bringing in water with their shoes. Many slips may be more embarrassing than painful, but all it takes is an awkward fall before someone breaks a bone.

From a management perspective, a workplace injury is costly in terms of both money and halted production. If a workplace injury is severe, it could result in a loss of thousands of dollars.

An absorbent floor mat ensures everyone has firm footing while working at their station. This mat will soak up excess moisture from spills and wet shoes.

Cushioning for Standing

One of the most strenuous parts of many jobs is constant standing. Short breaks and a lunch hour can only do so much to keep the dogs from barking, so an absorbent floor mat is a must for anyone on their feet more than they are off them.

Floor mats will even distribute your weight evenly between the soles of your feet, aiding an aching back and other body pains. Enhancing blood flow and shifting your body’s center of gravity may make it feel like you’re standing on a cloud instead of the hard and unforgiving floor.

Shows Potential Hazards

Aside from being good for your feet and the rest of your body, absorbent floor mats can help designate more dangerous work zones. By highlighting areas with the mat color, workers will know what to expect when stepping into that zone, eliminating confusion beforehand. This is vital for electrical areas because water and electricity are a deadly combination.

Prevents Bacteria Traps

We’ve already discussed how your shoes will bring unwanted water from the outside into the workplace. However, that’s not the only thing your kicks can absorb. The soles of shoes may spread a wide variety of unpleasant substances, from dirt and pollen to animal excrement and a slew of disease-causing germs, all over a building’s flooring. Even a trace number of these harmful bacteria may introduce several communicable illnesses to your company.

The role of absorbent mats in workplace safety is a significant one. Without them, workers would be battling exhaustion from tired feet, and workplace injuries would be more common from slippery floors.

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