The Best Places To Put Floor Mats in Your Business

The Best Places To Put Floor Mats in Your Business

Most homeowners have doormats to greet guests and wipe their feet to keep their interior pristine. So why wouldn’t you use them to ensure the workplace is as sharp as ever? Getting floor mats is a great way to ensure no one is dragging in mud around or creating a slip hazard. Let us highlight the best places to put floor mats in your business for the best results.

The Front Entry Area

The front entry is among the most crucial spots to install floor mats in the workplace. You should use large, long-lasting mats that effectively trap dirt and moisture. You can also show your branding more with custom floor mats for businesses.

Putting a mat on each side of the door allows patrons and employees to tread thoroughly before entering the premises, scraping off dirt remnants and drying their soles.

Having floor mats at the front entry keeps your floors clean, prevents slips and falls, and makes a great first impression on guests. By demonstrating concern for the well-being of your staff and clientele, you can quickly gain their confidence.

The Hallways

Hallway rugs may appear unnecessary, but they’re very useful. Hallways get heavy foot traffic as people walk from one area to the next. So even though no one is standing for long periods in the hallway, you still want mats to absorb the debris from people’s shoes.

You may reduce the danger of slips and falls and keep your workplace cleaner by laying floor mats in the hallways. If you happen to be working in an architecturally flawed building with issues with wetness or uneven flooring, this is of the utmost importance.

Employees’ Workstations

Putting floor mats at each employee’s workstation is a great method to reduce the severity of their aches and pains from standing for long periods. Anti-fatigue mats are especially helpful since they cushion your feet and legs as you work.

Personnel who use floor mats at their workstations will feel more energized throughout the day, boosting productivity. A happy attitude can be contagious, so accommodating everyone’s needs can boost morale and lead to the achievement of great things as a collective unit.

Bathroom Floors

Very rarely will you find a bathroom with carpet flooring. And since most bathrooms are predominantly hardwood or tile, slipping in one is rather common, unfortunately. Use mats inside and outside of restrooms to reduce the risk of slips and falls and maintain a clean environment.

In addition to improving the safety of your restrooms, floor mats may also improve their aesthetic appeal. Putting down some floor mats is a simple and inexpensive approach to brighten up a dull and unpleasant bathroom.

The Kitchen

Break rooms with full-fledged kitchens are a major bonus in many offices. One allows employees to make their lunch rather than spending 10 to 15 dollars a pop at a local fast-food joint. However, a kitchen area is a hotspot for spills that can damage the carpet or create a slip hazard on the floor.

Floor mats can also help keep food scraps from attaching to people’s shoes and spreading throughout the workplace. Doing so can make it seem like the office is unsanitary, which could be a problem if customers visit.

Knowing the best places to put floor mats in your business helps prevent accidents before they happen and maintains a clean workplace environment. Mats Inc. has several floor mats that can fit the bill, including customizable ones that showcase your business’s logo!

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