The Best Places To Put Commercial Mats in Your Supermarket

The Best Places To Put Commercial Mats in Your Supermarket

Grocery stores are essential for our communities, and preventing slips and falls in your store is critical to keeping your business a healthy, safe environment for shoppers and employees. Learn more about the best places to put commercial mats in your supermarket.

Every Entryway

Everyone who enters your supermarket crosses through your entrances, often unintentionally dragging snow, mud, or dirt in with them. If left unattended, this debris can make your store dirty and pose a slipping risk for future customers and employees with later shifts. Adding absorbent floor mats to the entrances of your store will keep your business clean and safe. You could even add your logo to the floor mats to leave a professional first impression on your guests.

Behind Registers

Anti-fatigue mats can greatly reduce the strain on cashiers’ bodies throughout the day. These mats help workers stay comfortable, improving their productivity and preventing injuries to their feet, backs, and knees due to standing for prolonged periods of time. As a result, you’ll have decreased employee turnover and improved team morale.

Behind Counters

Similarly, employees working behind the bakery, deli, or seafood counters may face fatigue and pain from standing for long periods of time. Anti-fatigue mats can reduce these issues and improve employees’ health, mood, and productivity. Mats also prevent slips and falls behind counters where moisture is present, such as behind the seafood counter.

Areas With Moisture

Speaking of moisture, take some time to inspect your supermarket and identify areas with higher moisture levels or that are prone to spills or wet floors. Adding mats to these areas, such as in the produce section where fruits and vegetables are regularly misted, can prevent falls in your store.

Recognizing the best places to put commercial mats in your supermarket will help you improve your store’s appearance, safety, and productivity. As you shop for floor mats, check out Mats Inc.’s vast selection—we have floor mats for every area of your supermarket.

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