Advantages of Rubber Floor Mats for Your Commercial Kitchen

Advantages of Rubber Floor Mats for Your Commercial Kitchen

Everyone should have a workplace that makes them feel comfortable and safe. When many think of being on the line in a kitchen, they might feel like burns and cuts are the most common injury. Yet, the problem restaurant owners should be wary of is slips and fatigue.

The advantages of rubber floor mats for your commercial kitchen highlight how they help reduce those factors, keeping the back of the house a lean, mean, and safe cuisine machine.

They Keep You Upright

The most prevalent advantage of having rubber floor mats in a commercial kitchen is to prevent slips and falls. A commercial kitchen can become hazardous in a hurry. Whether it’s spilling a beverage or grease has found its way on the floor, there’s a risk of slipping around every corner.

Even the wettest of conditions is no match for rubber floor mats. By nature, rubber isn’t a slippery substance, making it the ideal material for non-slip mats due to its high coefficient of friction and inherent ability to resist water.

You can find rubber mats in either precut mat sizes or as rolled rubber runners of any desired length. Additionally, they could provide extra protection through customization with drainage holes or grooved surfaces.

Most workplace injuries—especially in the kitchen—occur because someone loses their footing. Fortunately, when used in excess, rubber floor mats can give every staff member the traction and stability they need to remain upright.

They Act as Protective Barriers

If you have ever worked in a restaurant or at least seen a cooking show on TV, you understand commercial kitchens can be a frantic and chaotic environment. The only speed anyone goes is fast, so you need something to handle the stress of constant foot traffic and protect the floor from mishandled kitchen equipment.

Rubber floor mats act as a barrier between you and the kitchen floor. Several items in the kitchen can cost a pretty penny, and accidentally dropping them on the hard floor could cause them to break. However, dropping those items on a rubber mat gives them the cushion to remain in one piece. Rubber mats are a must if you’re working with lots of ceramics and glass in the kitchen.

They Control Spills

Since spills frequently happen in a commercial kitchen, it helps to have something that controls those spills to keep them from causing more chaos. Rubber mats minimize the spill’s effects by controlling it through the proper drainage channels. Instead of letting liquids pool in one location and expand like amoebas, rubber mats keep things under control. So rather than wiping a spilled soda that extends to the restaurant floor, you can make the kitchen safer and your job easier with rubber mats.

They Trap Germs

Foodborne illness can be extremely damaging to kitchen staff and patrons. It’s integral to keep bacteria from spreading to prevent diseases. You may never have thought about floor mats being germ-killing tools, but they most certainly are.

Rubber floor mats help keep sterile environments clean. They can do this by entrapping and killing microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

They Help With Fatigue

Unfortunately, working in a commercial kitchen doesn’t offer you many opportunities to take it easy and sit down. The idea is to serve as many people as possible, which can be challenging when sitting down. But standing and going a hundred miles per hour throughout the day also has disadvantages because you’ll feel the effects of it throughout the body.

Fighting fatigue can be difficult for any job that requires you to be on your feet for multiple hours a day, several days a week. Standing on a hard, unforgiving concrete surface worsens that situation because your feet will be barking.

If you’re in a particular location all day, your lower body will begin to feel it in its joints and muscles from the lack of blood flow. Luckily, rubber floor mats help reinvigorate the blood flow through your feet and legs, giving you the energy required to stay on top of your game.

They’re Easily Movable

It can be a huge pain in the neck to lug around heavy and bulky equipment to clean the floor. After all, rolling a mop bucket could lead to water splashing everywhere, creating even more slip hazards. But since rubber mats are so lightweight, many complications can be easy-peasy.

You won’t have any issue moving rubber mats to a new location or wiping debris away because they allow that flexibility. Ideally, you should make cleaning and rinsing each rubber mat a part of the nightly cleaning regime to guarantee they can continue to work their magic.

They’re Simple To Clean

There’s no question that a kitchen floor can look gnarly after a busy day, especially when there’s not a break in the action. Dirt, crumbs, and other food particles can make mopping a floor every night seem pointless at times, but cleaning a rubber mat protecting the floor is more effective—and easier.

You can quickly and easily clean rubber floor mats with water and a sponge or rag. Rubber mats for kitchen flooring naturally cut cleaning expenses due to their water-resistant construction. Investing a few minutes to scrub down a commercial kitchen mat can keep it looking brand new.

Furthermore, quality rubber mats hardly have an expiration date. Mats can last years because they are inherently water resistant. The extra effort to care for the mats ensures that the expenses of replacing the tile and cleaning the floor are as low as possible.

They’re Eco-Friendly

It’s always nice when you can take advantage of an item that helps you in several different capacities while also doing a solid for the environment. Rubber floor mats are environmentally friendly due to their biodegradable material.

You get something that fends off tiredness, controls spills, and is long lasting for you. At the same time, the planet can repurpose that material for later use. Reducing your carbon footprint is a great way to help you and everyone around you.

The advantages of rubber floor mats for your commercial kitchen are multitudinous. While the primary factor is preventing slipping, they can also help you feel reenergized and keep the kitchen pristine.

Mats Inc. wants your commercial kitchen to stay immaculate with our reliable rubber floor matting. Our rubber mats are like pillows for your feet that don’t compromise traction. Please contact us today if you want to keep your kitchen safe!

Advantages of Rubber Floor Mats for Your Commercial Kitchen

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