Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles

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  • 12" x 12" interlocking modular tiles for those areas where safety and comfort are critical.
  • Open design allows water and debris to fall through the tile and out the drain.
  • Tiles snap quickly together and can be easily trimmed to fit wall to wall applications.
  • Perfect for showers, saunas, locker rooms, or any work station.
  • Contains Oxy-B1 vinyl to inhibit growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.
Ordering Info
Item Price
Dri-Dek 1'x1' Tiles – 6-Pack $59.00 Each
Dri-Dek 1'x1' Tiles – 12-Pack $99.00 Each
Dri-Dek 1'x1' Tiles – 25-Pack $212.00 Each
Dri-Dek 1'x1' Tiles – 50-Pack $340.00 Each
Dri-Dek 3'x4' Sheets $96.00 Each
Dri-Dek 3'x12' Rolls $299.00 Each
Dri-Dek 2"x12" Edge $2.66 Each
Dri-Dek 2"x2" Corner – 4-Pack $5.38 Each
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