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Country Club Floor Mats

Country Club Floor Mats

Mats, Inc. provides a large assortment of mats & matting products used in country club & golf club facilities.  Our mat selection includes exterior & interior floor mats, stair treads & risers and locker room matting. Please review the list below for commercial mats used most often.


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  1. Medium Duty Vinyl Stair Treads
    Medium Duty Vinyl Stair Treads
    • Medium duty stair tread.
    • This tread was designed for use in apartment projects and light commercial applications. 
    • Lower initial cost, ease of installation, ease of cleaning and long service appeals to apartment owners and builders.
    • Extra thick at the front, Meets Fed. Spec. RR-T-650E Type B.
    • 3/16" thick, 12" deep, 1 1/4" square or curved nose.
    • Contains no asbestos fiber, made of first quality homogeneous vinyl, color throughout.
    • Specify either square or curved nose.
  2. Disco-O-Tread Rubber Stair Treads
    Disc-O Tread Rubber Stair Treads
    • New design Adjusta-Nose tread easily adjust to steps with angle between 90o and 60o.
    • Ideal for public buildings where fire safety is a prime concern.
    • For use in commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.
    • Circular disc, 3/4" diameter, are easy to clean and affords for safer pedestrian traffic.
    • Meets Fed. Spec. RR-T-650E.
    • Flame spread rating of 25 or less using ASTM-E-84 test.
    • Full 1/4" thickness at the nose, 12 1/2" depth and a 1 7/8" deep inside nose, smooth rear border is 3" deep.
    • Contains no asbestos fiber and the color extends throughout the thickness of the tread.
    • Available in standard solid color from Color Series III only.
    • Treads are optionally available with either two 3/4" safety strips, one 2" safety strip, or one 2" photoluminescent strip.
    • Strips are available in black, beige, brown, gray, red or yellow.
  3. Diamond Design Rubber Stair Treads
    Diamond Design Rubber Stair Treads
    • The original diamond design molded rubber stair tread, half diamond design, half smooth, with a longer adjustable nose.
    • Designed to fit pan filled, molded concrete, or terrazzo steps.
    • For use in commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.
    • Diamond design surface is 6" deep, covers the impact area of pedestrian traffic.
    • Meets Fed. Spec. RR-T-650E and ZZ-T-001237 (GSA-FSS)
    • Full 1/4" thickness at the nose,12 1/4" depth and a 1 1/4" deep inside nose.
    • Contains no asbestos fiber and the color extends throughout the thickness of the tread.
    • Available in either square or curved nose.
    • Curved nose available in Series I colors only.
    • Treads are optionally available with either two 3/4" safety strips, one 2" safety strip, or one 2" photoluminescent strip.
    • Strips are available in black, beige, brown, gray, red or yellow.
    Safety Track Resilient Medium Non-Skid Tape
    • Rubberized, textured non-slip is designed for heavy shoe traffic, yet is comfortable enough for bare feet.
    • Provides unparalleled coefficient of friction in both industrial and commercial applications.
    • Coated with an aggressive adhesive designed with industrial and commercial applications in mind.
    • National Flooring Safety Institute Certified for "high traction".
    • Available in black or gray.
    • Sold in full cases only.

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  5. Fore-Runner Matting
    Fore-Runner Mat
    • This premium outdoor scraper mat removes heavy dirt and debris from bottoms before it reaches your front door.
    • This mat features 19 ounces per square yard of ribbon polypropylene which provides vigorous scraping action, removing dirt from shoe bottoms and holding it beneath the surface of the mat.
    • The durable, loop-twist construction performs under the harshest of conditions.
    • Our vibrant colors retain luster even after years of heavy use.
    • An 80 mil durable, solid vinyl backing reduces mat movement.
    • Overall thickness, 5/16".
    • Custom sizes available.
  6. Tri-Grip Nylon Mats
    Tri-Grip Nylon Mats
    • Heavy 100% anti-static nylon face offers outstanding absorption and durability.
    • Tight, heat-set Ultra-Twist yarn construction resists packing and crushing.
    • Dirt filters into the mat rather than remaining on top.
    • Green friendly SBR rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber content and is available in smooth or cleated backing.
    • Available with oil and grease resistant 100% Nitrile Rubber backing when applications call for additional protection against oil and grease.
    • Outstanding colorfastness. 21 colors available.
    • Pile protected with StainStopper coating to keep mat looking good longer.
    • Easy to clean: Just vacuum or hose off and hang to dry. Use vacuum and extraction cleaning methods as needed.
    • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • Special lengths up to 60’ are available.
    • See item #2100 Tri-Grip XL for extra wide mat options.
  7. Waterhog Eco Premier Mats
    Waterhog Eco Premier Mats
    • Waterhog Eco Premier mats combine all of the performance of the original WaterHog with a unique diamond face pattern creating the ultimate visual appearance. WaterHog Eco Premier mats feature a 100% post-consumer recycled PET face that is reclaimed from plastic bottles.
    • Every 3' x 5' mat diverts approximately 60 plastic bottles from landfills.
    • A multi-denier fiber construction combines thick fibers for scraping with fine fibers for wiping, providing better performance and longer life.
    • The backings of WaterHog Eco Premier mats is made of 100% rubber with 15% to 20% recycled rubber content making these mats our most environmentally friendly mats ever.
  8. Perfec Clean Mats & Grates
    Perfec Clean Mats & Grates
    • Our Perfec Clean Mats & Grates provide a comfortable, surefooted surface that helps eliminate wet, slippery floors caused by tracked in mud, dirt, and water.
    • These mats are available in either our exclusive thermoplastic rubber hinge or our standard aluminum hinge.
    • Mats can be recessed or surface mounted.
    • Our grates are manufactured of rigid aluminum rails that allow dirt, sand, and water to collect below the surface.
    • All our floor products are available in a wide range of colors and materials to accent your building design.
    Velva Tiles
    • This is a unique floor covering in tile and strip form manufactured from recycled strips of industrial tire carcasses.
    • The walking surface of the strips is chenille and vulcanized to a flexible backing. It is tough, non-absorbing, high wear flooring for use indoor or outdoor, in public buildings, schools, ramps, locker rooms, or entrances.
    • May be vacuumed. Use mild detergent and stiff brush to clean heavily soiled areas.
    • Use our environmentally friendly adhesive to bond tiles to floor.
    • Adhesive covers approximately 100 square feet per gallon.
  10. Waterhog Classic Tiles
    Waterhog Classic Tiles
    • 24 ounce per square yard anti-static 100% premium polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and won’t fade or rot.
    • When wet, the rubber-reinforced surface allows water to be wicked to the bottom of the mat, below foot traffic and providing a slip-resistant surface.
    • Solution dyed for excellent color fastness.
    • Unique ridged construction effectively stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level.
    • Damaged or worn tiles can be replaced easily.
    • Install with solvent-free permanent adhesive.
    • Exclusive rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing in high traffic areas, thereby maintaining high performance and extending product life.
    • Should not be in areas exposed to animal fats (kitchens) or petroleum products.
    • Not adversely affected by salt or ice melt.
    • Easy to clean: Just vacuum. An upright carpet extractor may also be used with permanent adhesives.
    • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • Available in either 1/4" or 7/16" thickness.
    • Tile size: 18” x 18”.
  11. Tile Lock Rubber Tiles in Fitness Center
    Tile Lock Rubber Gym Tiles

    Starting at $30.25

    • Highest quality rubber gym flooring available. Offers extreme durability and can be found in many different applications.
    • FloorScore Certified and may quality for LEED credits.
    • High shock absorbency and long-wearing toughness make tile lock rubber gym tiles the popular choice for all types of athletic facilities.
    • Interlocking tiles are simple to install and accommodate most areas.
    • Textured surface pattern provides sure footing - slip resistant in wet or dry conditions.
    • Protects floor from skate blades and free weights.
    • Tiles can be custom cut on site.
    • 3/8" thick
    • Colored mats made from 90% SBR Black rubber and 10% color EPDM/Recycled Rubber
    • Suggested Uses: Weight Rooms, Fitness Centers/Home Gyms, Recreation - Health Clubs, Golf Courses, Schools/Universities, Day Care Centers, Fire/Police Stations, Physical Therapy Centers, Ice Skating Facilities, etc.
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Custom Logo & Personalized Mats

These entrance mats are created with your golf or country club’s one-of-a-kind logo, address, symbol and/or name imprinted on mat.

Recessed Grates and Mats

Mats, Inc. offers custom-sized floor mats & grates to fit specifically into existing entryway recessed areas. On occasion, recessed mats are installed at exterior entrances.

Interior Mats & Runners 

These mats are plain mats (no logos), typically used inside each entrance of golf or country clubs to keep tracked in dirt & moisture to a minimum. These mats are also used in covered parking garages, in front of elevators & in dining room areas to catch spills & drips. They come in many sizes, colors & designs. Some are specifically designed to stay in place on top of carpet.

Oversized Mats

Often, lobbies or foyers require large, oversized floor mats. Mats, Inc. can provide maximum sizes up to 12’ wide & 60’ in length. If desired these foyer mats can be personalized with the country club’s logo or address. Please call us for more information on these mats.

Exterior Mats, Runners & Coating

These mats are typically located in the exterior areas of the golf or country club property. Exterior mats are usually made of rubber or some type of plastic scraper material, designed to drain and dry quickly. In addition, we can supply a non-slip / non-skid coating (WP-70) to paint on slippery concrete sidewalk or parking lot areas & in parking garages. Mats, Inc. also stocks self-adhesive anti-slip tapes.

Pool, Shower & Locker Room Matting

Mats, Inc. can provide wet area mats & runners for golf & country club locker rooms, showers, pools and natatoriums. These mats typically have holes for drainage & are designed for member barefoot traffic. These safety mats help to control slips & falls around locker rooms & pool areas. In addition, Mats, Inc. offers abrasive, anti-slip, self adhesive tapes designed for barefoot traffic in consistently slippery areas.


Anti-Fatigue Mats & Runners (with holes)

For safety purposes, most country clubs purchase drainage mats for their kitchen, bar & dining areas. These mats also provide foot & leg relief for anyone required to stand for long periods of time.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles are often used in miscellaneous areas of country club facilities. Mats, Inc. has carpet tiles in a variety of designs & colors. An advantage to using carpet tiles is the ability to replace the ones that become soiled or damaged.

Stair Treads, Risers, Landing Tiles & Adhesives

Mats, Inc. offers rubber, vinyl & metal step coverings for country club stairways & stairwells. We have an extensive line of commercial stair treads / stair covers designed for light, medium & heavy traffic in an array of colors & patterns. Stair Treads with Grit Strips for the visually impaired can also be provided. Many of our treads have matching stair risers & landing materials.

Green & Eco–Friendly Mats

If your country club members require environmentally friendly products, Mats, Inc. has a large variety of mats manufactured using percentages of post-consumer recycled materials. These earth-friendly door mats use recycled rubber & plastic products as ingredients to produce mat fabrics and backings.

Desk Chair Mats

Country Club offices may choose to purchase custom-sized desk chair mats to protect floors and carpet from scratches & damage due to the caster wheels on desk chairs. Our desk chair mats are heavier duty than those typically found at local office supply stores.

Gym & Weight Room Mats

Most of today’s country clubs have gym facilities or fitness centers for their members. Country Clubs can find workout & gym floor matting at Mats, Inc. to satisfy their health conscience clientele.

Roof Mats & Pads

Lastly, Mats, Inc. can provide Roof Mats / Pads & Roof Walkway Matting used on commercial office building roofs to protect roofs & facilitate repairs.

Country Clubs

Mats, Inc. provides a large assortment of mats & matting products used in country club & golf club facilities.  Our mat selection includes exterior & interior floor mats, stair treads & risers and locker room matting. Please review the list below for commercial mats used most often.


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