Waterhog Eco Grand Elite

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  • Waterhog Eco Grand Elite mats are manufactured with a permanent rubber reinforced bi-level face that will not crush providing years of superior dirt and moisture collection.
  • Mats are made with 100% PET Polyester post-consumer recycled fiber made from used plastic bottles for the face and a 100% rubber backing that contains 20% post-consumer recycled tires.
  • Every square foot of a Waterhog Eco Grand Elite mat eliminated 4 half liter bottles from the waste stream.
  • Waterhog Eco Grand Elite mats have a color coordinating fabric border.
  • Available with a cleated backing as a standard for carpeted surfaces or with an optional smooth backing for hard floor surfaces.
  • Every Waterhog Eco Grand Elite mat (except #2246) comes with the universal recycle symbol molded into the face of the mat. 
  • 30 ounce face weight, 3/8" thickness, fabric borders, and herringbone pattern.

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