Velva Tiles

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  • This is a unique floor covering in tile and strip form manufactured from recycled strips of industrial tire carcasses.
  • The walking surface of the strips is chenille and vulcanized to a flexible backing. It is tough, non-absorbing, high wear flooring for use indoor or outdoor, in public buildings, schools, ramps, locker rooms, or entrances.
  • May be vacuumed. Use mild detergent and stiff brush to clean heavily soiled areas.
  • Use our environmentally friendly adhesive to bond tiles to floor.
  • Adhesive covers approximately 100 square feet per gallon.
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COLOR: Charcoal Gray



STYLE          SIZE      WT  
  Tile      12" x 12"   2#/Tile
  Roll      12" x 25' 50#/Roll
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